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Welcome to the future of Invoicing!

Common use and adoption of crypto currency is one of the biggest challenges
facing the future of the crypto industry. While industries such as Medical Marijuana
are in need of a way to provide alternative methods of payment, they are stuck with high fee
transactions cards or cash. With no alternative, high fees get passed on to their clients in the form
temp card fees and an exorbanate cost associated with handling and securing large amounts of cash.

The InvoiceCoin application will be a free web based app that will allow
a business or individual user the ability to send choice crypto currency invoicing in real time.
The biller and payer will be able to agree on currency value in real time by selecting options
such as current market value or pre-determined value. With the use of the InvoiceCoin app the crypto
community can use viable currency of choice to pay or get paid for value and services rendered. This is the next step
in eliminating costly traditional billing transactions and maintaining the privacy and viability of crypto currency and community.